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Top Tips for defendants when summoned to court

Magistrates’ court:  Magistrates’ address as- “Your Worships”

Magistrates Court:  District Judge- address as- “Your Worship”

Crown Court:   Judge Address as -“Your Honour”

High Court:   Judge Address as –“My Lord”

As the defendant you may speak to the duty solicitor (now called advocates) free of charge, if you are being prosecuted. You must inform the court usher that this is what you wish to do. You have the right to speak for yourself in court without a solicitor or legal profession.

You may be known as:


This all depends if your case is heard in the:

Magistrates’ court: Who will be in court room?

What happens when I give evidence?

Top Tips for Prosecution witness when attending court

Do not talk to any other person about your evidence before you go into the witness box. It could make the court query whether you have made an agreement on what to say. You can speak to police officers or lawyers although you cannot discuss your evidence with them. You must not discuss your evidence with others involved.


Giving your evidence

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Top Tips for Defendants When Summoned to Court