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Vicky has been working with dogs within various capacities for ten years, to include kennel management, pet dog training, specialist dog training and behaviour modification.

During the past seven years Vicky has been specialising in behaviour modification and it is this area she is particularly interested in and has successfully reformed the behaviour of an extensive number of dogs covering a diversity of behaviours across a wide variety of breeds.

Vicky applies a balanced approach to behaviour modification and works hard to ensure your dog and those around it are kept safe thus ensuring your dog can be socially accepted in all situations within today’s society. This is even more critical with the recent amendments to the Dangerous Dogs Act.

Vicky has worked tirelessly with her own dogs who are trained to a high standard and as such are capable of being used during workshops for the ‘Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training’ and ‘Dog Safety Education Executive’, in such capacities as being handled by students, assisting at school visits by bringing awareness of safety around dogs to school children and allowing the those nervous of dogs to overcome their fear; she also uses her pack as ‘stooge’ dogs to help her fearful dog clients overcome their fear of other dogs and she is specifically proud of her Rottweiler who recently gained his Certificate of Excellence for temperament via the British Rottweiler Association.

Vicky has appeared on television as a Master Trainer and has also been integral in filming and appearing in a number of educational films, the first being the Dog Lifestyle presented by Ross McCarthy, the latest being the Guild of Dog Trainers new SMART Puppy Training DVD appearing as a master trainer throughout this film.

Vicky is a Tutor for the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training for pet sitting, dog walking and dog training and behaviour; Vicky is also an original member of the Dog Safety Education Executive (DogSEE) and a Master Trainer with the Guild of Dog Trainers (GoDT). She is dedicated to continue helping owners and their dogs, consequently enriching the lives of both, for many years to come.

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07765 287176

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