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Sue Gilmore has been training, competing and working with dogs for many years. She runs The Canine Behaviour and Training Centre (Essex Dog Academy) specializing in dog training and behavioural consultation for puppies through to elderly dogs that still need mental stimulation and gentle exercise. Learning from her German Shepherd Dogs over the years emphasised the need for dogs to receive regular training and for their owners to gain some understanding of how their pets think and behave. Many dogs with behavioural problems have been rehabilitated and now enjoy training classes that range from obedience, activity obedience, agility and rally obedience.

A nationally accredited sports coach, Sue’s “Get Fit with Your Dog” classes attracted the attention of SkyTV and she has subsequently appeared in a series where she helped train dogs and their owners to improve their lifestyles. Her brief was to help the owner and her Lhasa Apso's lose weight, but have fun doing so. The challenge was clear to see, but with a great deal of patience and encouragement, the owner and dogs achieved their targets.

Sue has a Masters Degree in Canine Behaviour and Psychology, is a Master Trainer with The Guild of Dog Trainers and is presently studying Law in relation to dogs with the CIDBT; she also holds the National Dog Training Instructor Certificate.

Appointed Political Adviser to the Pet Education, Training and Behaviour Council, Sue’s interest in politics extends to attending the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare at the House of Lords where her degree in Political Science is being put to good use. Proposed Dog Control Bills in both Houses of Parliament are at present on the agenda and Sue’s brief is to monitor developments in respect of replacing current legislation, largely in the form of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, with a new Act to protect dogs and society as a whole.

As a professional photographer, Sue has won many awards both nationally and internationally. Starting out as a landscape and nature photographer, her portraiture now includes an extensive library of dog images. The essence of taking a great photograph is in understanding the subject and this shows through in Sue’s photographs. Working and training dogs links well with her work as a dog photographer and she has supplied images for numerous publications, websites and advertising campaigns. Sue also worked on a SkyTv series as a dog photographer…at a dog wedding! Having a sense of humour is useful on some occasions – when photographing, training dogs and teaching owners.

Sue Gilmore BSc(Hons) MA FCFBA Dog Behaviourist Click to enlarge


07867 988711

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