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Introduction from

Colin Tennant MA

Dog Behaviour Practitioner


Lez Graham MA

Equipment and Training; the Acts,

 the Facts and your Feelings


Sue Gilmore MA BSc(Hons)

Dog Nutrition, the effects on Health and Behaviour

The essential seminar for all who work with dogs and aspirants to a career devoted to dogs

Learn how training aids affect man’s best friend’s anatomy and physiology – for good or bad – and how the food we feed them affects health, vitality and behaviour.

Lez Graham MA, one of the UK’s top dog behaviourists and internationally renowned Touch for Health Instructor and Kinesiologist comes together with dog nutritionist, trainer and behaviourist Sue Gilmore MA, to deliver this unmissable seminar.

Lez’s fascinating insight into the “physical dog” introduces delegates to an unemotional and unorthodox look at the pros and cons of dog training equipment and dog sports. This inspiring, eye-opening look at modern dog training aids challenges our conceptions and in-grained beliefs by illustrating and explaining how they affect the dog’s physiology, often with unintended but shocking consequences.

As the popularity of dog sports grows, more and more owners are becoming serious competitors, so too do the injuries to our dogs manifest. Understand the stresses and strains on joints, muscles and posture that fly-ball, agility and other major dog sports can cause. Learn how to prevent them and how to aid recovery. Lez uses her experience and undoubted expertise as a kinesiologist to highlight best practice to protect our dogs.

The complementary, yet no less essential element of this seminar, explores the health and behavioural benefits or otherwise of diet: How the food we feed our dog partners impacts on them and ultimately, on us. Pet dogs and working dogs – the need for optimum nutrition is an essential aspect of the relationship with our dogs.

Sue illustrates and explains how the food we feed our dogs can mean the difference between a long, active life, or a life of lethargy, illness and disease. How to choose the right diet for the pet dog and the working dog – why should they be so different? Understanding the optimum quality and quantity of food our dogs need to fulfil their energy requirements and why water is such an essential element to their well being.

Together, Lez Graham and Sue Gilmore’s enthusiastic presentations are sure to change your thinking on how we treat our dogs and enthuse you to make their lives just that bit better.

10-Colin-Spender-469-x-600.jpg Lez Graham MA 03-Simon-Harding-600-x-400.jpg Sue Gilmore MA
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Normal ticket price is £68

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Guild of Dog Trainers students (past or present)

Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training students (past or present)

Members of the Canine & Feline Behaviour Association

This is to be held on the 12th April 2014, 10am - 4pm at the

Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire CV8 2LZ

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