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Dr. Roger Mugford - The Use of Negative Reinforcement

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Evolution of the Dog

Science and Research

The CFBA Canine & Feline Behaviour Psychology research team focuses on the disciplines of companion dog and cat behaviour and human pet relationships. Their focus is mainly on relevant canine science through analysis to make current research accessible bringing relevant information to the attention of member practitioners.

The Science and Research Team:

Head Science Advisor: Dr David Sands PhD, FCFBA has the key role of presenting dog behaviour research.

Science Advisor:  Dr Roger Mugford, PhD, FCFBA) speciality canines & felines and mind environmental stimulation equipment.

Science Advisor Roger Tabor, CBiol, MSB, MPhil, FCFBA, Hon FBNA, FLS  speciality felines wild and domesticated.

Canine Research Colin Tennant MA FCFBA specialising in English Dog Law and Expert Witness programmes DDA

All are Fellows of the Canine & Feline Behaviour Association and have long been recognised as belonging to the UK group of leading practitioners in canine behaviour.