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Peter Lewis has been seriously training dogs for in excess of 50 years. He started as a pet dog trainer in 1962 and quickly went on to Working Trials and Obedience. In both disciplines he worked several dogs through all levels and won at the highest level with two of them. He went on to become a championship judge of these disciplines and while all this was occurring acted as an instructor at competition and pet dog training level.

He played a large part in the development of agility where he was also successful as a handler and judge culminating with being the first Kennel Club Agility Championship judge at Crufts Dog Show 2002. Since then, together with Mary Ray he has been responsible for starting Heelwork to Music as a competition.

After 25 years apprenticeship as a dog trainer he studied dog behaviour and for many years, very successfully, took veterinary referrals for problem dogs from in excess of 50 vets. This was on a full time professional basis in the Portsmouth Southampton area. He says that prior to this work he thought he was skilled but never learnt so much in all of his dog associated years. Not so much from what others have passed on, but by observing and studying all breeds of dogs reactions under differing conditions. This and his lifetime hands on experience enabled him to develop his own successful behavioural theories for changing dog behaviour in natural ways. He was the first person to be accredited in Dog Behaviour Training by the Kennel Club having undertaken their rigorous requirements.

Peter remains very active in the world of dogs but has been retired from consultation work for some time now and writes monthly for the weekly newspaper Dog World about Behaviour Issues. He looks back in the knowledge that his work with dog behaviour was so much more fulfilling than winning prizes as a dog trainer but acknowledges that it was his practical background that brought about success with problem dog work.

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Peter Lewis