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Malcolm Johnson works full time as a dog behaviour consultant in Bedfordshire and the surrounding counties where he meets his clients at their own homes advising and resolving on their reported dog problems.

He also runs a dog training school located in the outlying village of Old Warden ‘Paws For Thoughts Canine Dog Training School’ which opens for clients most Sundays in the year. Malcolm also has recently added a late evening separate dog class at the school where he personally meets and trains dogs with their owners that require deeper socialisation sessions often complimenting their prior one to one consultations.

Malcolm has a passion for Flyball racing and has recently raced his collies in national flyball teams and found that many dogs have increased their socialisation skills by involvement in this team sport.

Of course already owning four collies makes this an excellent sport for his dogs as well as fantastic exercise.

Assisting and advising clients with their dog behaviour and training problems, Malcolm’s focus is always to train the owner to train the dog as this is the key to a successful outcome as the clients understanding of the root cause of the behaviour issues are fundamental.

Also by reviewing the way owners and dogs interact at home is critical to helping deliver a positive result as all dogs need strong leadership and then learn to relax and enjoy life when the correct dog to owner interaction is maintained. Once the initial behaviour problems are overcome the training and obedience sessions become much easier to complete and the owners can really start to enjoy their dogs and equally the dogs enjoy the training.

Malcolm has experience in behaviour resolutions with many different breeds of dogs from Rottweilers to Chihuahuas, from Newfoundlands to Whippets and many many more.

He has been consulted on many behaviour problems ranging from common training issues such as pulling on the lead, jumping up, poor recall and excessive barking to behaviour problems such as dog on people aggression, dog on dog aggression, play aggression, territorial aggression, Inter pack aggression and separation anxiety issues and many more.

Malcolm’s consultations commence with an initial phone call or mail contact through his website from clients where a behaviour questionnaire is then sent and completed then returned via email where Malcolm then reviews the behavioural questionnaire responses.

A full consultation then takes place at the client’s home where a number of detailed tests are carried out with the dog and then a plan to resolve the issue is discussed and agreed. The following day a full behavioural report is prepared and sent to the client and a follow up contact made by Malcolm over the next two weeks to ascertain how the plan has progressed.

Malcolm often finds that when the root cause of the main problem is resolved other secondary issues are also resolved as a consequence.

Malcolm has studied through several courses with the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training (CIDBT) and also obtained The National Dog Training Instructors Certificate.

Malcolm is currently completing a Masters degree in Canine Behaviour and Psychology through Middlesex University. He is a full member of the Guild of Dog Trainers and adamantly follows the statement of ‘Balanced Intelligent Dog Training’.

He has worked closely with the Labrador Rescue South east and been instrumental in assisting the Charity in the training and re homing of their dogs.

He has also a strong association with the National Guide Dogs for the Blind and has planned and organised dog shows to raise much needed funds.

Malcolm Paul Johnson MA MCFBA Dog Behaviourist


01767 310271

07858 399344

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