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Julie started on the path of cat behaviour when one of her own rescue cats started hiding and eliminating in inappropriate areas.

After several visits to the vets, Julie was advised to have the cat euthanased; she was mortified and led her to search for local cat behaviourists. There were none.

This started Julie's formal education in cat behaviour with the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & training.

Julie has been involved with rescue and welfare case cats for many years, and works with many charities.

She is presently the Area Coordinator for the Teeside branch of Cats Protection, which involves all aspects of cat rescue and welfare, managing and supporting the volunteers in the group. Also liasing with The National Cat Centre and branch members, helping in any area that needs it. Julie wishes to make a big difference to the lives of the cats in her area.

Julie runs Twisted Whiskers and offers behavioural advice and support to the many people who contact her ring that are having problems with their cats, in the hope that she can solve the problem so they will not relinquish the cats to the already over loaded fosterers of Cats Protection or other rescue centres.

Jullie comments "Giving support to people with their cat behaviour problems is very rewarding, especially when, after one adjustment everything is back to normal and you can hear the joy in the owners voice. The most problems come from indoor cats and multi-cat households, advising, a few adjustments and getting the balance right with enviroment enrichment stratergies in place for indoor cats is the key to a rewarding life for the cat and owner."

Julie has the pleasure of sharing her life with many cats and other animals at the moment including two rescue cats and two Maine Coons along with a rescued crossbreed dog and several rescued chickens.

Julie Hatch ACFBA Cat Behaviourist Click to enlarge


07760 343394

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