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Dog & Cat Behaviour is primarily a vocation. As such we do take on board a persons professional experience in granting membership.

There are many reasons why becoming a dog behaviour practitioner is an increasingly popular choice of career for a wide range of skilled and talented people. It also is very open to all ages and especially attractive to people with life skills. It is a rewarding profession in more ways than one, offering fantastic career prospects and development opportunities in addition to competitive financial benefits. Without doubt passion should be a part of the applicants reason for wanting a new career.

In this section you can find out what a career as a Practitioner has to offer, and learn about the routes available if you want to begin a career in Dog and or Cat Behaviour.

Persons, when applying, are deemed to have agreed to the Code of Practice which may be amended from time to time by the Board of Fellows.

Dog Entry Requirements

Practical experience is critical and the below can be used in an application:

We ONLY recognise academic and vocational courses that are accredited, approved and assured by the Pet Education Training and Behaviour Council These standards are reflected by LANTRA the (Government Department) for such definitions.

Substantial evidence of 5 years' continued practical experience, communication skills and case studies are the minimum requirements for full membership or the alternatives described below. There are a range of vocational dog talents we accept in a persons application which include, but are not exclusive to:

1 Proven ability of dog training skills in relation to reformation and rehabilitation behaviour. A minimum of 5 years full-time. Practical experience in Multiple breeds and aggressive dog behaviour is mandatory.

2 Police or MOD, Prison dog qualifications are accepted as dog experience and knowledge as a component of your application.

3 Professional Trainers Dogs trained for people with various disabilities (e.g. Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs etc.) or those who have trained/competed and obtained Kennel Club awards are all experience which may be included. This includes the Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for Instructors or working dog tests.

and / or

A PETbc 101 Diploma

There are several stages in the application process - the first is to complete the Application Form Click Here proceeding stages will be discussed thereafter.

Once this has been assessed by our Fellows and accreditation unit you will be informed. If successful the remaining stages will be explained to you in full.

Cat Entry Requirements

Cat Behaviour is primarily a vocation. As such we do take on board a persons professional experience minimum of 5 years in granting membership.

and / or

CIDBT 4117 Feline Studies Foundation Module (info)

CIDBT 4118 Understanding Cat Behaviour (info)

CIDBT 4121 Origins of the Cat & it’s Breeds (info)

Combined with previous practical experience of at least 2 years

General notes for an application Dog or Cat (full Membership)

At the discretion of the Fellows you may be asked to partake in any of the below application procedures depending on your application information supplied.

Written Evidence

Case studies - full information on client and behavioural advice. This will be a part of the CFBA application later stages see above.

You may be asked for a filming evidence, which demonstrates you talking/conducting a consultation with a client for at least one hour. The recording must be dated and the clients contact details to be included. Also a letter from the client giving their permission for us to view the said tape. These are non returnable items.

Your literature

We require copies of your leaflets or leaflet hand-outs which you give to people and commensurate with the pet/advice/you have given. If the author of the handouts is not you, the original author of the handout must be credited therein.

Membership of other organisations may at the discretion of the Fellows be credited towards your qualification for membership.

Interview / Assessment

All applicants may be interviewed at the discretion of the Governors in person or by another media appropriate system i.e. via the Internet. Applicants will have to provide all relevant documentation and direct references to support previously submitted documents. All interview assessments will be filmed /recorded as a genuine record of the interview and what was said. The film is the property/copyright of the CFBA.

The applicant will have to demonstrate their ability to:

In essence a full membership applicant should have:

Click here to read what the Pet Education Training & Behaviour Council national work roles are for a dog behaviour practitioner is.

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