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David is fantastic at working with high energy, nervous or fearful dogs, he has a calm and positive attitude along with a wealth of experience and many techniques to get the best results from both dog and owner. He is committed to working with owners who wish to improve their relationship with their dog. David works full time with dogs and owns Homeward Hounds Dog Training and Behaviour School in Theydon Bois, Epping, Essex.

He takes one-to-one behaviour consultations which are specifically for owners with dog's who are experiencing issues, some dogs are not suited to group classes or they may be having issues in the home. Each consultation is backed up with a written report. This is aimed at helping the owners to build a relationship with their dog built on trust and clear understanding. Also included is a bespoke plan of action to address the specific issues the dog is having. He approaches each case individually, in a realistic manner and sets achievable targets. He does not work on a one method basis but uses a mental tool box to get the correct technique for the dog.

Puppy consultations for new owners that require advice to give their puppy the best possible start are a large part of his work, this is really about preventing behaviour problems arising. This is ideal for new owners before starting puppy training classes and just helps make the first few vulnerable weeks as smooth as possible for the puppy.

David also works closely with a rescue group helping owners to prepare for the challenges of taking on a rescue dog and with owners who are experiencing problems settling their new rescue dog after the adoption process.

He owns a Hungarian Vizsla, German Shepherd Dog and a Bull Terrier. Which helps him understand the breed specific requirements of each of the dogs and allows him to use this to motivate and work with them. He has a passion for working with Bull breeds who he feels are often misunderstood.

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David Drew ACFBA Dog Behaviourist