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Annette Conn has been teaching at dog-training classes for over thirty years and has worked professionally as a dog-training and behaviour consultant for the last nineteen years. She works with clients at their home (on a one-to-one basis) for ‘puppy visits' or ‘behaviour consultations' and teaches at group classes run by Barnet & District Dog Training Club in North London.

Annette has owned several different types of dogs, including many ‘rescued' dogs, and one dog that competed successfully at championship level ‘competitive obedience'. She has also attended many professionally run courses on dog-training and behaviour, and has acquired extensive personal experience from participating in a wide variety of activities including training dogs for television and films, and she was a trainer on the ‘Celebrity Dog School' series for the BBC's ‘Children in Need’ appeal.

Annette's immense practical experience has been complemented by her academic achievements; she has a First Class Honours degree in animal behavioural management and a Higher National Certificate in dog training and behaviour. She has also received specialist training in the role of an ‘expert witness' and ‘the single joint expert' and is listed as a ‘checked expert' in the Sweet & Maxwell (previously The Law Society) Directory of ‘Expert Witnesses'.

Annette has worked as a consultant, expert advisor and guest speaker for several organisations including the police, RSPCA, the Mayhew Animal Home and at academic institutions. She also has extensive experience working as an ‘expert witness' in numerous ‘dangerous dogs' and ‘animal welfare' legal cases.

Annette has written ‘The Dog Owner's Handbook' (Carlton Books) which points out what owners really need to know, including how (and why) to avoid the common pitfalls.

Annette Conn BA(Hons) MCFBA Dog Behaviourist


02089 590055

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